Should You Lease Or Buy IBCs?

In today’s environment, flexibility is more important than ever! At Entrega, we offer Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) either for purchase or for rent, but we’re seeing more customers than ever choose the rental option! Here’s a few reasons why:

Immediate Flexibility To Scale Up Quickly

IBC rental programs allow you to start using tanks today, and scale up rapidly to meet immediate demand. There is no need to wait for capital to be ready, or risk a large capital purchase on a customer or contract that may be temporary.

Lower Upfront Cost That Enhances Your Bottom Line

With a low upfront cost, leasing IBCs allows your business to put them to work immediately and start delivering revenue, with no large capital expenditure. This frees up capital to be used for other elements of your business to drive long-term growth. It also allows you to preserve valuable lines of credit for other opportunities that aren’t as easy to rent from Entrega.

Outsource and Automate Part Of Your Supply Chain

At Entrega Industries, we source the highest quality IBCs, and it shows. Our tanks last longer and work harder for your business, meaning less costly downtime and more profits. Renting from Entrega means you don’t have to worry about sourcing IBCs and dealing with manufacturers, we handle all the details.

Contact us today to see if IBC tank leasing would be a good fit for your business. We offer flexible options and lease term lengths to meet any budget.

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