2-Inch Pressure Vacuum Vent, 5 PSI Pressure & .5 PSI Vacuum


Worry-free venting protection for metal IBCs, tanks, and totes. This model is a 2-inch size, has a Viton Seal, a 5 PSI pressure & .5 PSI vacuum rating. Note: Other configurations available. Please call (713) 900-1979 for more information on other variants.


  • Low profile < 1”
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Viton seal (others including EPDM available by custom order)
  • UN31A compliant
  • 5 psig pressure rating (others available by custom order)
  • 0.5 psig vacuum setting (others available by custom order)
  • Zero leak to 1 psi below setting (Viton and EPDM only)
  • Slots for tamper evident wiring provided

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Weight2 lbs

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