Common IBC Tote Sizes and Dimensions

Poly Composite IBC Tote Tank Dimensions

The standard sizes for poly composite IBCs are the 275-gallon & 330-gallon capacities. The 275-gallon capacity provides the most cost efficient use of  material and easily double stacks in common over-the-road trailers. The standard poly composite tote tank dimensions are a 40″ x 48″ base, with 275-gallon containers having an overall height of 46″, and 330-gallon containers having an overall height of 53″.   A 330-gallon poly composite IBC has the same base dimensions as a pallet, but can hold as much as six 55-gallon drums!
Poly Composite IBCs
Nominal Capacity275 gallon330 gallon
Length48 inches48 inches
Width40 inches40 inches
Height including pallet46 inches53 inches
Weight, w/ steel pallet130 lbs.150 lbs.
Weight, w/ plastic pallet139 lbs.159 lbs.

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